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The Legendary Bear Springs Trap XC Race is this Sunday 4/28

We're nearing the end of April and it seems that the notorious Bear Springs Trap XC race has crept up on us once again.  I was prepared to write something about how Bear Springs is one tough day in the saddle, yet easily one of the best races worth doing for mountain bikers out there, but the description from the Oregon XC Series put it much better than I could have.

"Some decades ago Paul Thomasberg Jim Thornton, and Petr Kakes designed a course that made racers cry after 50+ miles. Paul’s computer was miscalibrated by 40% and the first year PRO winner was out there for 4 1/2 hrs. The ones who didn’t cry got lost.  Actually they may have cried too - we just don’t know it.

OK let’s get serious. BST has lot to offer but the name Trap was used for a reason. The Bear Springs area has it’s beauty,  you just need to look at it instead of the wheel in front of you. Since we use portions of the OHV area we do have lot of intersections to deal with. Once you get of the moto trails the challenge will start. The race is known for it’s difficulty as well as for snow on the course whenever mother nature decides to send it in late March and April. As usually Petr and his crew will be there on time to remove the cyclocross sections of the course and welcome you at the finish with the Pilsner Urquell."

So there you have it.  We love Bear Springs Trap.  So much so that it's one of the few mountain bike events that we sponsor each year.  You can find the flier and pertinent info for the race here, and if you have any questions about the event itself you can email skibowlbikerace@frontier.com or feel free to give us a call.


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