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Prepare to be STOKED: 2014 Kona Bikes are Rollin' In

Summer is in full swing, which means next year's models from Kona are almost available. The 2014 offerings look pretty sweet if we say so ourselves. We'll be heading up to Kona Headquarters next weekend to check everything out personally, but for the time being here are a couple models that we're pretty pumped about. Check them out, and if you have any questions, feel free to give a holler, or stop by the shop.

Commuter / Upright / Hybrid

Check out the 2014 Kona Coco. Disc brakes? Check. Step-through mixte frame? Check. Sweet style for Portland? You betcha. At $675, this bike marries the style and efficiency that makes a great all-around bike. Front and rear rack mounts extend the possibilities for this beautiful whip. We should have these in the shop by next week!

Kona Coco

Hardtail Mountain - 27.5" (or 650b if you dig)

How about the all new 2014 Kona Explosif. Last year, Kona re-introduced the Explosif (after a couple years away) mid-season and it was an instant hit. We had a couple in the shop and they didn't last long, and we're expecting the same kind of reception this time around. It's got sliding dropouts, which make it a single speed candidate, as well as routing for a dropper post. We're reallllllllly stoked on this one.

2014 Kona Explosif

Full suspension ripper

The 2014 Kona Process 111 is a unique bike, and this year Kona took another leap forward by offering the 111 version with the new 1x11 drivetrain from SRAM. Eliminate some weight, simplify things, and get ready to rip. We'll be testing these out and will report back on how well it shreds. The Process is aimed directly at the enduro racing scene, and the fanfare it's received is understandable. It's going to be a hit we think.


2014 Kona Process 111


The bike that cyclocross is made for. The 2014 Kona Jake is much like every other Jake that's come before it. Affordable, durable, easy on the eyes, and most importantly, ready to take you to work, to camp, or to the podium at the Cross Crusade (or any of the other 1,000,000 cross races this season!). We love everything about this bike.

2014 Kona Jake

These are only four of the bikes from the 2014 lineup. Rest assured, the favorites (Dew, Dew Plus, Major Jake, Hei Hei, etc) are still around and just as awesome. As we get more of these new bikes in the shop, we'll do our best to highlight them on the site here.

This would also be a good time to mention that we'll be closed on August 6th while we travel to Bellingham to hang out with Kona and get the lowdown on everything new and awesome. Rest assured, we'll be open on the 7th, ready to geek out!

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