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The Three C's: Carbon Cross Closeout!!!


Feel that? There's some electricity in the air, and I'm not talking about the recent "thunderstorms" we've been sort of getting around town.

We just received a handful of Major Jake framesets from 2012 and 2013. These babies are direct from the Kona factory team, and at $900 they're a hell of a deal. The frame is full carbon and so is the fork. With cross season literally right around the corner, now is the time to upgrade your current rig. We know you've been thinking about it.

For the 2013 (blue paint) variety we have a couple 49cm and 56cm on hand. For the 2012 (purple paint) frameset we have a couple 63cm units on hand. If you're interested in any of these frames, stop by the shop or give a holler.




  • chris brannen says...

    Hey Erik, still got my name on the 56cm? … finances have been tough. but i’m still dreaming for a comeback 2013 season ahead of me… -chris

    On August 26, 2013

  • Jason says...


    I think all of the 56cm Majors have been swooped up. Give us a ring and we’ll see what we can whip up.


    On August 27, 2013

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