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Tricked by his wife!

Here is an e-mail we received from a customer who surprised her husband with a new bike.

Hello Kona,

The guys at Sellwood Cycle here in Portland said you might enjoy this story about my husband’s surprise bike.

Here’s the story:

My husband, Brent, proud owner of two other Konas and a loyal Sellwood Cycle customer, really wanted a bike he heard you had – a Kona CoilAir Deluxe – a 2008 demo model on sale. He bargained and whined for it, and I finally reluctantly agreed, but not before sneaking out of the house and calling Erik Tonkin at Sellwood Cycle, and asking him if he wanted to mess with Brent. The answer was of course yes, so Erik agreed to order the bike for me - but to tell Brent that the bike couldn’t be found. Brent was bummed, and anxious as the week passed and he hadn’t heard anything new from Erik. Last Friday, I went in to pick up the bike - they had put a note on it that said “Surprise Bike for Brent” on it. I took it home, put it on the bike stand, and took this little video as he came home. Normally very articulate – he was reduced to shock and stuttering. It was a great prank, and made for a very happy boy.

Thanks, Kona, for a great bike, and thanks Erik and crew for conspiring with me pull this off! Not sure what I can ever do to top this...

Kirsten Force

Portland, Oregon

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