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Fender season is here!

I love this time of year. The leaves are falling, the rain is imminent and I get to put fenders on bikes. One of the fun things about fenders and bicycles is that it's often a challenge to mount them. Every bike is different. Some take fenders easily and some are very challenging. We can get fenders on any bike. It just takes some doin'.

The Road Bike below has no clearance under the brakes for fenders, so I chop them and fashion brackets around the brake calipers to fit them to the frame.


Road bikes also get fender extensions to keep your feet dry up front and your friends dry in the back. If not dry, at least not speckled with road grime.


We have our classic Sellwood Cycle fender extenders on our backscratcher-type fenders too.


Are you wetting your pants? (due to your fenderless bike)
Keep the wet where you want it, come get some fenders.


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