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What is wrong with this bike?

This is Erik's beloved Honky Tonk, a 56cm 2009 model.  We think it's so wrong, it's right!

Remember those kids' games from your youth?  Can you spot all the things wrong with this bike?

The first is the 27" wheelset.  The bigger wheels (630mm bead-seat diameter) fit the frame and fork, so we didn't really have a choice.  Add those big Panaracer Pasela Tourguard 27x1-1/8" tires, and the bike really rolls.

The second are the Retro Shifters. (Check out RetroShift.com.)  We have them set up to Shimano Dura Ace 10s down-tub shifters.  They work well--they're like the missing link...discovered long after we all realized one was missing.

The third is in the drivetrain.  The new 10s mountain range cogsets (shown here: an 11-34t Shimano SLX HG-81) can work on road bikes as long as there's a 10s shifter, 10s chain, and rear derailleur with enough capacity.  The trick is to use a Shimano 9s-era rear mountain derailleur (shown here: a mid-cage XT Shadow M972) because they operate just like all 9s and 10s Shimano road derailleurs.  (The new Shimano 10s mountain rear derailleurs are only operable by Shimano 10s mountain shifter pods.)

The last is the saddle: it is indeed so wrong, it's right!

Thanks for the fun! --Erik & Nick


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