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Quinn Keogh: Doing Big Things

It's always nice when our pal Quinn Keogh stops by the shop.  Quinn is currently a professional bike racer for Team Exergy, but he rode locally for a few teams including the Rubicon-Orbea team, and even had the pleasure (displeasure?) of working at Sellwood Cycle Repair.  He recently moved to Arizona from the Portland area, and always seems to be travelling to a different locale with the Exergy team.  We'll probably be seeing less of him now that he's out the Portland area, but I'm sure we'll stay in touch some how.

Luckily there are things like the internet, making living vicariously through others significantly easier.  This photo and video are taken from Manual for Speed, a project that intimately portrays the lives and events of professional cyclists.  All their work is beautiful and really worth checking out, and lucky for us, Quinn makes his way into the spotlight fairly often.  Until we see him next, we all wish him the best of luck.

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