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Dope Wheels: The Brand New 2012 Crossmax SLR 29"

After years and what must have been countless iterations of testing, Mavic has just dropped their brand new 29er wheels, and we're all pretty impressed.  Mavic is responsible for making some of the finest rims and prebuilt wheels available, and these Crossmax SLR 29 wheels look to be no different.

The new 29er wheels feature the extremely stiff aluminum ("Zicral") spokes that are utilized in the higher end Mavic wheels, as well as a liberal amount of milling to reduce the overall weight.  The hubs use cartridge bearings that are protected by two levels of seals, and included with with the wheels are adapters that allow the wheels to be used for both thru-axle and quick-release applications.  The rims are also UST - tubeless ready, of course.  The pair is listed at 1620g according to Mavic.

Come by the shop and check out the pair that we have in stock.  For more info, give us a call or visit the Mavic site.

Also, soon to be released are the Crossmax ST 29, a slightly burlier version, as well as the Crossride 29, the entry level counterpart to the Crossmax wheels.


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