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From Russia with Love

 The reaches of Sellwood Cycle Repair stretch much  further than one might think, with international customers often contacting us about a bike or frame that we have.  In February we got an e-mail from Anekcen in Russia who was interested in receiving a Honky Tonk frameset. (Note that frames are much cheaper to ship internationally than whole bikes, and this one went for $125 to Russia!)  We recently got a message from Anekcen with a photo of the 2012 Honky Tonk frameset built up (a very classy build might we add).  Here's what he has to say:

Hi, guys!

Remember me? Meanwhile in Russia, I finished the bike quite some time ago and here it is after approx 1k miles.  What a lovely and fun ride she is!  At first I was going to throw all sort of random parts I had as leftovers, but then, when I saw the frame irl, I said "no way!".  Why spoil such a handsome frameset with bad assembly?  So i thought it over once again, and this is what it ended with.  I decided to make it look classic with modern parts.  The Ritchey polished line up was a great help, but it took some Ebay hunt for the old polished alloy Rival.  All our guys at lbs fell in love with the build and I get a lot of praise talk and headturns during  my rides.

It handles awesome, gives me that springy steel feel I remember and is in fact quite light.  It came around 8870 grams as it is on the pic with my old and heavy spd pedals I adore for making recessed cleats possible.  I haven't yet got a cyclocomp for her. Well, I felt like telling you, guys, how it is and saying my thanks one more time.  Pleasant to have business with you.

Good luck!

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