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Race Report: Six Hours of Mt. Hood

The following photos and report are courtesy of team-rider and shop-pal, Patrick Croasdaile.  The views expressed below do not reflect that of the shop or Team S&M, rather they epitomize those of the shop and team (mainly the part about trying as hard as possible to crush your friends and fellow team-mates, all the while trying to keep up with Babcock).  Thanks Big-P!

I had a blast at the Six Hours of Mt. Hood.

First of all, I want to give a shout out to my new teammate, the one and only, Mr. Ile Powell. Chalk up yet another PDX racing "icon" on the S+M roster. I mean, he made BikeSnob. Ile's a great guy and a lot of fun to ride with. This past spring, he and I have been doing a lot of mountain bike riding together, and it seemed natural for us to team up for the Six Hours of Mt. Hood. Our main goal of the day was to destroy the Chris Brannen and Marc Romano, and destroy we did. We came in a full 14 minutes ahead of them. To be fair, we finished on the same lap (thanks to a flat on my third lap). Nothing like a good dose of healthy competition within the lower ranks of Team S+M. Right before my flat tire, I had the chance to try and ride with Babcock and Miller. That didn't work out. They dropped my big ass on the gravel road climb and then promptly left me in the dust of Ski Bowl's singletrack. Yet another reminder that I am just another joe-shmoe who rides bikes and pretends to race.

Mad props to Jason and the entire Sellwood Crew for helping throw one hell of a race.

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