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Bikes We Ride pt. III: Mad Mike's Pleasure Tourer (currently somewhere in Iowa)

Our own Mad Mike is currently somewhere in Iowa atop his trusty steed, likely listening to metal at loud volumes, flanked by countless hordes of cyclists.  Mike and friends are part of the annual RAGBRAI (The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), a seven day 500 mile ride across the state of Iowa.  RAGBRAI is legendary, as the largest, longest, and oldest (going into its 40th year) bicycle touring event in the world.  (check out this sweet video the New York Times did on the ride a few years ago...)

Mike lives by his own rules, does things his own way, and his touring bike epitomizes this.  He built the frame himself, accomodating a massive 29er slick tire, and making it stout enough that it can support a huge stereo system.  Powered by a marine battery, Mike's stereo is incredibly loud, and is surely helping him bring the madness back to his homestate.  Also note the hand cut Newport Pleasure decals affixed to the down tube.  The "Pleasure Tourer" is an absolute monster truck of a touring bike, totally absurd, and entirely fitting for Mike.

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