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The 2013 Kona Blast: Totally Rad, And Now With Less Broken Bones

We returned last wednesday from a weekend spent at the 2013 Kona Blast, significantly less bloodied and battered that the previous year, but in just as good spirits (Our boss-guy Erik injured himself pretty good at last year's event).  Kona has once again put together an impeccable lineup of bikes, and as seems to happen year after year, they've really outdone themselves.

We spent our mornings discussing and immersing ourselves in the design and thinking behind the new fleet, and passed our afternoons riding.  Stationed at the beautiful Lake Padden in Bellingham, our first day gave us the opportunity to do a quick and fun lap on the trails next to the lake, or circumvent the water on a gravel path around the lake.  Thus we were all able to take out a variety of bikes, from the shreddier Satori, Honzo, and Process, and Kitsune, to the more XC oriented Hei Hei Deluxe.  On the gravel path we tested the Rove, Zing Supreme, Dr Good, and Dew DL.  Our second afternoon took us from Lake Padden up to Galbraith (Kona's off-road stomping grounds), for a longer more epic ride on some seriously rad trails.

We are extremely lucky as a bike shop to be invited to this exclusive event.  It's an honor to work with a company that shares our values as a shop.  Kona employees are a wonderfully passionate bunch, and share the same zeal for cycling in all its shapes and forms as we do.  But more than anything, Kona makes smart bikes that are a joy to ride.

Come by the shop if you have any questions about this year's lineup, or would like to see one of these new bikes in the flesh.

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