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The Horde Has Arrived: 2013 Kona Cross Bikes Are Here / 2012 Cross Bikes Are On Sale

If you aren't already a bit excited about the Cyclocross season starting up, heres a video from Kona to get you going (featuring our boss Erik, Babcock, Patrick Means, Alice Pennington, and Barry among others)...

For those searching for a new bike or frame to wield this fall, we're happy to announce that all Kona's 2013 models are available, and all the 2012 Kona 'cross bikes are going on sale.  Just to give you a taste of whats in store, I snapped a few photos of the 2013 Kona Jake the Snake below.

If you're looking for just a frame, we received a full size run (47-61cm) of 2013 Jake the Snakes.  And if you're needing schooling on the finer points of cyclocross technique,  we're running a series of clinics in conjunction with the Cross Crusade up at Alpenrose Dairy tonight, as well as next wednesday 9/12 (check the original post here).

Stay tuned as we'll be posting photos and write-ups of the new 2013 Kona Cross line over the next few weeks.

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