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Trail Work Day - this Saturday, October 20th

Sellwood Cycle Repair is proud to sponsor a Trail Work Day put on by the 44 Trails Association this coming Saturday, October 20th, on the mountain bike trails East of Mount Hood . We may be building a new trail, or maintaining existing trail and will find out soon enough! This area off of Highway 35, is some of the sweetest mountain bike trails in our area and we're looking forward to getting dirty out there this weekend! Rain or Shine, the show goes on...

Where to Meet: 8am at Dirty Fingers Bike Shop (1235 State Street) in Hood River
OR 9:30am at Little John SnoPark (approximately 30 miles South of Hood River on the East side of Hwy 35, near NF-44)
Call 541.308.0420 to confirm, or if you have questions.

What to Bring: Rakes and McLeods, if you've got 'em! Bike helmet or hard hat, drinking water, work gloves, long pants, wet weather gear (jacket and pants), sturdy footwear, eye protection and your mountain bike for riding afterward!

Lunch will be provided by NYC Sub Shop, out of Hood River.

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