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All Hail Lukas - Our Newest and Greatest Swedish Intern

Lukas hails from the city of Uppsala in the great northern nation of Sweden.  He came across the pond for a two week stint at UBI and has since fallen in with the shop as our Swedish ambassador / winter intern.  Apart from being a totally rad dude, and a pretty fluent mechanic, he is also shaping up to be a real nordic threat  on the cyclocross course.

He took part in his first cross race this past sunday at PIR and tore it up in the beginner class, finishing his victory lap with an elaborate celebration that included a quick hands-raised veer into the railing just as he crossed the line.  Former employee and good friend Sean Babcock was nice enough to let Lukas borrow his totally pro, full carbon Major Jake race bike.  Erik suspects that borrowing this cursed whip has somehow imbued Lukas with Babcock's magical powers - namely winning races, managing to crash into things when it would be very hard to do so, and of course breaking bikes.  That being said, we expect Lukas to have some real success in his introductory racing season, and it's been a real pleasure to have him around the shop.


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