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Debauchery Ensues in Bend: Multiple Erik Tonkins Sighted

Cross Crusade races are a relatively debaucherous affair in and of themselves.  Throw the two-day Halloween race weekend into the mix, stir in the fact that the races take place at the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, and you have a fervently boiling cauldron of veritable cyclocross madness.

As the latest edition of Crank My Chain clearly shows, this year's festivities were pretty outrageous.  Yet perhaps even more confounding is the fact that there were multiple Erik Tonkin sightings even though the boss was said to not be in attendance.  However history shows that this is not the first time impostors have donned the famed "Caveman" look, as 2001 saw such notables as Jeff Struck and our own Matt Mahoney dressing up as Tonkin for Halloween.  Kudos to the Femmes ladies for a great group costume, and for generally being awesome.

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