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Thanks for the Good Times: An Open Letter to Team S&M and the Cross Community at Large

This photo comes courtesy of Matt Lasala and Lasala Images.  The text comes from our friend and teammate Chris Valencia.

As the cross season comes to an end...I want to say thanks for your words of encouragement, cheers, and/or heckles this cyclocross season. It really helps me during a race, getting love from my teammates. I always try harder in front of the team tent. My only wish is to have the team tent every 100 yards or so along the course. During my second cx season, I've enjoyed getting to meet and know more riders on the team. Things and events that I will remember 'til next season are racing in Bend... especially getting double whipped by Ms. Dominatrix extraordinaire Mielle, riding to Rainier with Brad, Matt, Ilie. and getting words of advice from Ron. Lastly, much gratitude to the shop for helping me get to races by making room in the team van for me and my bike. I can't forget Butch and Sellwood Cycle shop crew for keeping my bike in race condition, despite my attempts to break it. And to Erik for his tireless efforts of supporting my bike buying addiction. Lastly, to Butch's dog Chula who did not care whether I raced or where I finished.

Glad to be sharing this experience with you,


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