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Photos From Our Annual Thanksgiving Team Ride

The end of the Cross Crusade series brings with it a sense of calm over the shop.  The streams of malfunctioning mud-caked race machines and 'cross bikes with severed derailleur hangers begin to dwindle, and once again it's time to focus on projects that we're forced to file away during the busier months.  However before we move on entirely, we like to take a moment and celebrate another great year by inviting the teams we sponsor to join us for a cold morning jaunt through Forest Park.

Our annual Thanksgiving ride took place this past Sunday on a cold, blustery, yet thankfully dry day.  The shop was a sea of blue and orange when I arrived - with a few Lazy Tarantula and Gentle Lovers kits thrown into the mix.  We departed from the shop, fanning out in large packs along the Springwater Corridor.  Upon reaching the mouth of Forest Park, intrepid individuals chose the left hand path - searching for traction and a good line while climbing up Holman's steep pitch, while others chose to stick to the smooth undulations of Leif.  Based on my own experiences and the dirt-speckled grins on everyone whose picture I took, I feel it safe to assume that a good time was had by all.  Really, it's hard to not have fun while slipping and sliding down a steep section of Firelane 1, or navigating the sloppy corners of Firelane 5.

After an invigorating morning, riders made it back to the shop welcomed with diverse potluck fare and a cold keg of suds.  The highlight of the entire party for me (and perhaps the highlight of my year), was tasting a bit of brisket smoked that morning by team rider / high priest of barbecue - Mr. Brisket.

Trudging up a rutted section of Holman or getting down on some excellent barbecue back at the shop - surrounded by so many awesome individuals, riders, customers, and friends, it's hard to not feel that what we do is truly special.  To the many riders on shop-sponsored teams and all those around the world who call Sellwood Cycle Repair their bike shop, a huge thanks from all of us here at the shop.  Thanks for being so awesome.


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