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Customer Bikes Pt. II : Bob's Ultra-Classy Dinucci

Our customer Bob Marshall and Erik here at the shop had a running joke that with all the money that Bob was putting in to the build of his Dinucci, Erik would turn around and buy a boat.  Bob finally came by to pick up his Dinucci, which has spent the past few months in the shop hanging in various states of completion - and it seems the project was well worth it judging from their smiles above.  Bob returned home with a stunning new whip, and while Erik does not have a boat to show (yet...), he at least has started where any self respecting aspiring captain begins his journey - procuring himself a shiny new captain's hat.

All jokes aside, Bob's Dinucci was a pretty unique project from the get go, and certainly worth highlighting.  The frame originally came through the shop on consignment last year - and Bob quickly jumped on it.  Dinucci frames are made by Mark Dinucci - a framebuilder that began working with steel and brass in the Portland area during the 70s.  Mark's work is pretty immaculate, and this frame clearly shows the great amount of craft involved.  Hand cut and filed lugs, are matched by a truly classy logo and paint job.  To compliment the frame, a mixture of classic Campy Record (Rally rear derailleur) and Shimano pieces were used, with a Cinelli bar and stem and Brooks saddle thrown in for good measure.  Velo Orange's excellent, highly polished, double eyeletted, Raid rims were used for the wheelset - making a good replacement for the shiny Weinmann rims of the olden days.  Continental Gatorskin tires provide the grip, and a set of Velo Orange aluminum fenders, custom cut and installed to bypass the relatively tight clearances, provide a bit of safeguard from the wet.

Bob's Dinucci is the sort of project that makes it such a pleasure to work at a shop as unique as Sellwood - being able to watch the slow and methodical process as a frame that originally entered our doors on consignment, is built and finally rolls back out through our doors as a full bike, steeped in history and class.

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