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Big Moves for Our Beloved Sellwood Bridge


The bridge we all love to hate is experiencing some major modifications beginning next week. From January 17th-24th, the Sellwood Bridge will be entirely closed, as crews are in charge of moving the current span 66ft due north of its current resting place (to be more exact - 33ft on the east end and 66ft on the west end in order to keep the bridge straight), and building connections to the newly moved span.  This great feat of engineering, aka "The Big Move", will allow crews to continue with construction on the new span of the Sellwood bridge - a project long-awaited by cyclists, motorists, and folks of all different persuasions.

Please note that for all our customers biking and driving to the shop from the west side - alternative routes will need to be used during this week.

For a good read on the more technical aspects of the bridge move, check this article from OregonLive.  And for those that care to see what's happening without braving the elements, there's an awesome live video feed of the bridge's progress.


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