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Our Own Julie Kramer Featured On Bike Portland's "Ride Along" Series


For those that are unfamiliar, Jonathan Maus and his blog BikePortland are a mainstay in the unique cycling culture that surrounds Portland, keeping hordes of Portland cyclists in tune with the daily issues that affect us.  The quality and breadth of the news that Jonathan relates is astonishing.  For about a year now, he has been working on a fairly regular series of articles that follows cyclists on their daily commutes.  What sounds like a potentially mundane subject, is made quite interesting by witnessing the intricacies and bevy of decisions that make up each cyclists route, all illustrated by some excellent photography - which Julie claims to be largely shot from the hip.

Our own Julie Kramer was recently featured in this segment of Bike Portland's Ride Along series - which perfectly captures the excellence as well as the perils that accompany her as she rides from the Irvington neighborhood in NE to the shop.  Julie has become somewhat of a minor celebrity around the shop due to the article , and I figured I'd post some of my favorite snaps from the article.

Hats off to Jonathan for his untiring work, and the great service he provides for the cyclists of Portland, and Julie too for allowing the relatively private affair that is one's commute to be displayed for all to see.

And while you're perusing through BikePortland, I'd recommend checking out some of the excellent and hilarious articles that our boss Erik Tonkin wrote for the website back in the day - my favorite being this article detailing some hilarious faux-race around the Eastmoreland neighborhood.



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