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The Final Countdown: Help us complete the Superconnector Trail!

44trails_work_partyYou know what makes trails great? Your help! Our friends over at Dirty Fingers, 44 Trails, and the USFS are about to put the finishing touches on the Super Connector, but they need some help.

We'll be out there as well this Saturday to lend a hand. They've got lunch covered, but you'll need to bring a helmet, long pants, gloves, and some water if you want to get down and dirty.

After work we'll grab our shred sleds and ride the new sections a couple of times. There's no better feeling in the world than riding trails that you yourself have had a hand in shaping.

Also, did we mention prize raffle?!

Meet up at Little John Snow Park at 9am. See you there this Saturday, September 14th!

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