How do I search for bicycles for sale?

  • You can browse new and used bikes, frames, and parts here.
  • You can pinpoint your search by using the searchbar or categories on the left side of the page.

What size bicycle do I need?

If you are unsure of your bicycle frame size, this chart will help get you started.

Rider Height (ft/in)Bicycle size(cm)Bicycle size(in)Bicycle size(size)
4'11"-5'0" 45-50cm 14"-15" XS
5'1"-5'5" 48-52cm 15"-17" SM
5'6"-5'8" 50-54cm 17"-18" SM/MED
5'9"-5'11" 53-56cm 18"-19" MED
5'11"-6'0" 55-59cm 18"-20" MED/LG
6'0"-6'2" 58-62cm 19"-22" LG
6'3"-6'6" 62-65cm 22"-25" XL

This is only an estimation of bicycle frame size based on rider height. Please call, email us, or come in to the shop and we will help you find your size.

What is your consignment policy?

  1. Bicycles must be “bike shop quality” and in good working order. Sellwood Cycle Repair reserves the right to decline a consignment.
  2. Serial numbers of bicycles and frames will be run through the City of Portland’s “NWRAPID” program. The seller’s driver’s license is required.
  3. Per city code, consigned bikes and frames must remain on site for a two weeks. After that period, the seller retains the right to end the consignment and to pick up the item.
  4. Per city code, seller cannot be paid or given credit until the end of the two week period.
  5. Listing prices are agreed upon by SCR and the seller.
  6. SCR assumes responsibility for the bicycle while on consignment.

What are your consignment rates?

  • For items selling for $100 and up, the rate is 2/3 to the seller and 1/3 to SCR. If payment is taken as store credit, the rate is 75/25%.
  • For items selling for less than $100, the rate will be 60% to the seller and 40% to SCR, preferably paid as store credit only.
  • Bike industry employees receive a rate of 75/25% for items $100 and up.

How do you process used bikes?

  • All used serialized bicycles being sold on consignment in the city of Portland must go through a mandatory 14 day hold period.
  • The City of Portland Police maintain a computerized database of bicycle serial numbers that have been reported stolen.
  • Sellwood Cycle Repair sends all bicycle serial numbers to the City of Portland Police to check against their list of bicycles reported stolen.
  • Once the 14 day period is passed, the used bike is added to our website and is available for sale!

Is there a warranty on used bicycles?

  • There is no explicit warranty on used bicycles.
  • We check all used bicycles to be sure they are in good working order before we put them up for sale.
  • In some cases, the bikes we sell need repair work. This is done before the bike is available for sale and the repairs are guaranteed.
  • If you have an issue with a used bicycle that you purchased from us, please call us and let us know. We are reasonable and can always figure out a solution.

Do you guys ship?

  • We sell and ship bicycles and bicycle parts all over the world.
  • Call us for a shipping quote or e-mail us. Please include your shipping address in the e-mail.
  • shop@sellwoodcycle.com

What about financing?

We don't offer financing on bicycles directly at the shop, but we do recommend the following options. These are local Credit Unions and each of them have an online application. We hope this help!