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The Final Countdown: Help us complete the Superconnector Trail!

You know what makes trails great? Your help! Our friends over at Dirty Fingers, 44 Trails, and the USFS are about to put the finishing touches on the Super Connector, but they need some help. We'll be out there as well this Saturday to lend a hand. They've got lunch covered, but you'll need to bring a helmet, long pants, gloves, and some water if you want to get down and dirty. After work we'll grab our shred sleds and ride the new sections a couple of times. There's no better feeling in the world than riding trails that you...

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Going hard in Ghana Pt. 1

So I’m in Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa and I’m doing some riding. Most people go to Belgium or Spain to cut their international chops, but I thought the untouched competition in Ghana was just what I needed to boost my “racing” career. Matt was kind enough to give me his old Control Tech to bring on the journey and it has proven a worthy “Africa bike”. His only stipulation is the bike not come home, so I’ll either ride it into the ground leaving only a pile of dust, or more likely donate it to someone who needs a bike. I was happy to...

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Getting Very Rad: Watch Coalition Racing Development's New Video

The shop has a long history of sponsoring a variety of teams other than our own Team S&M, and Coalition Racing Development is the newest addition to our roster of teams.  Fronted by our friends Tony De Cordoba and longtime shop mechanic "Mad" Mike Lilienthal, Coalition will be tearing up this year's Oregon Enduro Series among other things. From the looks of it Mike and Tony have been hard at work honing their skills on some pretty gnarly trails, and this video certainly displays their prowess as bike handlers and "shralp-technicians".  The beautiful setting and excellent soundtrack (Kyuss...) don't hurt too...

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