At Sellwood Cycle Repair, we are deeply invested in both the immediate community that supports and keeps our shop going, as well as the larger Sellwood-Moreland community that surrounds the shop.  From sponsoring cycling teams and individuals, to working within the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood and larger Portland cycling community, the reverberations of Sellwood Cycle Repair are much grander than the confines of the shop.



  • Steven Beardsley: A real speedy individual, who rides for HCH-RPM and coaches PDX Devo.
  • Ross Kenney: A friend who embarked on a cross country tour and back upon his Kona Jake a few summer's back.
  • Alice Pennington: A top finisher in whatever discipline, both locally and nationally.
  • Luke Pennington: Alice’s younger brother.  A legend in his own right, and quite the storyteller.
  • Bobby Lemanski: Perhaps the biggest Green Bay Packers fan we know other than Tonkin himself.
  • Sean Burles: A renaissance man of sorts, who races Super-D and cyclocross.
  • Matt Picio: Another friend of the shop who embarked on a cross country tour aboard his Kona Sutra.

Community Efforts

We provide support and donations to various organizations, schools, and groups.  Here are a few of them:

Race Sponsorship

  • Cross Crusade - Our local cyclocross series, which just happens to feature some of the most attended bicycle races in the world.
  • Oregon Junior Cyclocross Series - A cyclocross series for serious youngsters.
  • Bear Springs Trap - One of the best and most challenging MTB races of the year.
  • Six Hours of Mt. Hood - A wonderful six hour MTB race, where you can choose to race as a team or hammer for 6 hours solo.
  • Corn Cross
  • Barton Park Circuit Race
  • GP Series