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Consignment & Trade-In Program

We're glad you're interested in trading in or consigning your bike with us! There are program details we'd like you to know before you contact us. Please read the information below. Thank you!

Our Values

We believe in keeping good bikes in use on the roads and trails--anywhere they may take you! Our program is not about maximizing profit—for you or us. In fact, it's about making the bikes we sell worthy of their new owners. We believe having fully serviced used bikes available at fair prices is a service to the community.


What do we accept?

We accept "Bike Shop Quality" used bicycles, frames and wheels for "trade-in credit" or for "sale by consignment".  


"What about my...?"

We do NOT accept the following items: We have a limited capacity to sell the following items:
  • Bicycle Components
  • Auto Racks
  • BMX Bikes
  • Dual-Crown Downhill Bikes
  • Exercise Bikes
  • Folding Bikes
  • Tricycles
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Time Trial or Triathlon Bikes
  • Rim-Brake Road Bikes
  • Cruiser Bikes
  • Bike Trailers
  • Cargo Bikes
  • E-Bikes
  • Fat Bikes
  • Stationary Trainers
  • Tandems
  • How do I make an appointment for Trade-In or Consignment?

    You can start the process by sending an email to, Please include the following:
  • Pictures of your bike from the side with the chain. Include one of the whole bike and a few closer up shots of the gears and handlebars. Please include photos of damage or anything else noteworthy.
  • Answers to these questions:
      1. What type of bike do you have?
      2. Why do you want to sell your bike via our service? (Some common reasons are "to trade it in for something different at Sellwood Cycle Repair", "I want space back in my garage", or "someone told me this bike is worth a lot".)
      3. Are you interested in trade-in for same-day, in-store credit for your bike? (This is a new feature of our program, and it's a great way to expedite the process.)
      4. Are you interested in consignment and--if so--do you prefer a check or in-store credit after the bike sells? (See our rates below.)
      5. How soon do you need the bike to sell?
      6. What days and times are you available for an appointment?
  • We will get back to you as quickly as we can! (Please remember we're closed Sundays and Mondays.) Once you do have an appointment, please arrive on time. It's unlikely we can help until the designated time, so you don't need to arrive early. If you're running late, call the shop at (503) 233-9392. Thanks!
  • Important Notes:

  • Sellwood Cycle Repair reserves the right to reject any bicycle.
  • There is a $40 fee for processing of each consignment bike.
  • Sellwood staff will evaluate your bike to determine if we can accept it for trade-in or consignment, what type of repair service it requires, and its likely selling price.
  • Mountain bikes will go through an additional mechanical evaluation.
  • Clean bikes in good mechanical condition get the best value! 

    Additional Terms and Conditions:

    Serial numbers for all bikes accepted will be added to the City of Portland's database. The seller must present a valid ID at the time of the appointment. Per city code, all bikes must remain in the shop for 15 days after they're accepted. The seller retains the right to pick up their bike any time after the 15 day hold period but prior to its sale. Listing prices are agreed upon by Sellwood Cycle Repair and the seller.

    We do not post bikes to our website while they're in the 15 day hold period. The soonest we'd post them is one day after the end of the hold period. Some bikes may take additional time for processing due to our intake volume and repair load. Thanks for your understanding!

    Sellwood Cycle Repair assumes responsibility for trade-in and consignment items while they're in the store and after they're sold!


    Consignment Rates:

    The $40 consignment fee and cost of repair parts and labor will be deducted from the seller's portion once the item sells. If the item does not sell, the seller is still responsible for these costs.
    For items priced over $150 60% to the seller paid as a check.
    OR 70% paid as store credit.
    For items selling for $150 or less 50% to the seller. Paid as store credit ONLY.